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Julia Westlin is an independent artist, singer/songwriter and model. She was born on May 14, 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2012, Julia moved from Sweden to Canada to her life partner David MeShow, where her musical career continued to blossom. She has performed at several events around the world illustrating her art. The Scandinavian artist have composed soundtracks for movies, video games as well as for commercial projects and on individual requests.

Julia's voice is often compared with Celine Dion's voice, classic approach and softness, while her musical style compares to Enya for the relaxing, comforting and grounded feeling. Julia is a nature lover and she is often seen barefoot. She is characterized by her long wild hair, recognizable voice and numerous of beautiful dresses in her videos.

The singer now has thirteen published albums available online. With over 70 million views on her videos on YouTube she has a community of more than 400,000 people who follow her in her artistic adventures. The artist's growing popularity now comes from her original compositions but started out from her unique way of arranging and performing popular songs in Acapella.

Although Julia keep being approached by popular TV shows like American Idol, America Got Talent, The Four: Battle for Stardom, The Voice and many more, her goal and passion is to continue to compose for the motion picture industry.



"After receiving overwhelming requests from wonderful people around

the world who follows me on my social media, I decided to put together this Coloring Artbook for adults. Behind each illustration, I have included uplifting quotes to give this book an extra dimension. My love for writing poems was the start of my music career.

I hope that you will love this Artbook as much as I loved making it for you!" - Julia Westlin

JuliArt FANTASY Coloring Artbook for Adults

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Coloring Artbook for Adults


Repeatlessness poster

Size: 700 x 500 mm

Lion Spirit poster

Size: 500 x 700 mm

JuliArt poster

Size: 500 x 700 mm

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