The multidisciplinary artist from Sweden has several strings on her harp. When she is not writing, singing or producing music, she is creating visual art. The interest for drawing started in young age and with years developed into an artform rich of details, expression and imagination. Her art are recognized as soulful, imaginative & inspirational. It brings life to any room and and speaks to all ages.

JuliArt FANTASY Coloring Artbook for Adults

"After receiving overwhelming requests from wonderful people around

the world who follows me on my social media, I decided to put together this Coloring Artbook for adults. Behind each illustration, I have included uplifting quotes to give this book an extra dimension. My love for writing poems was the start of my music career.

I hope that you will love this Artbook as much as I loved making it for you!" - Julia Westlin



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Coloring Artbook for Adults


Prize: 179 SEK (20$)



Repeatlessness poster

Size: 700 x 500 mm

Prize: 249 SEK (30$)

Lion Spirit poster

Size: 500 x 700 mm

Prize: 249 SEK (30$)

JuliArt poster

Size: 500 x 700 mm

Prize: 149 SEK (17$)

Paintings made with Acrylic on Canvas.

Green Garden

Size: 91cm x 60.5cm


Spectrum Of Life

Size: 91.5cm x 76cm


Lollipop Mandala

Size: 45cm x 60.5cm


Pink lady

Size: 76cm x 61cm


Half face

Size: 55cm x 45.5cm


Tangled BW

Size: 51cm x 40.5cm


Lion Spirit Animal

Size: 91cm x 60.5cm


Solar Storm

Size: 51cm x 40.5cm


Sleeping Sun

Size: 61cm x 76cm


4 butterflies

Size: 20cm x 20cm



Size: 76cm x 122cm


Les Ailes

Size: 91.5cm x 122cm


Lovers Rose

Size: 30cm x 91.5cm


Tree Of Life / Resurrection

Size: 91.5cm x 122cm


DayDreamer / Night Thinker

Size: 60.5cm x 91.5


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