Art and Music have always been the biggest passions of my life. It is my source of energy which I can not live without.

The interest for drawing started in young age and with years developed into an artform rich of details, expression and imagination. I capture whatever feelings come through me. It’s meditation for me. My paintings are recognized as soulful, imaginative & inspirational. It brings life to any room and and speaks to all ages.

My paintings below are all made with Acryllic and on Canvas.


Green Garden

Size: 91cm x 60.5cm


Spectrum Of Life

Size: 91.5cm x 76cm


Pink lady

Size: 76cm x 61cm


Half face

Size: 55cm x 45.5cm


Lion Spirit Animal

Size: 91cm x 60.5cm


Solar Storm

Size: 51cm x 40.5cm


Lollipop Mandala

Size: 45cm x 60.5cm


Tangled BW

Size: 51cm x 40.5cm


Sleeping Sun

Size: 61cm x 76cm


4 butterflies

Size: 20cm x 20cm



Size: 76cm x 122cm


Les Ailes

Size: 91.5cm x 122cm


Lovers Rose

Size: 30cm x 91.5cm


Tree Of Life / Resurrection

Size: 91.5cm x 122cm


DayDreamer / Night Thinker

Size: 60.5cm x 91.5


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